About Us
SMC TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD. started operations in year 1996 with beginning activities of solder waste recycling and providing services to electronics industries of their E-waste and non-ferrous metals scrap, cables and wire recycling of cable industries. Today our business activities have been expanded that we also provide metal dross and metals sludge recovery.

Year 1998, SMC Tech started the 1st catalyst waste recovery plant for Oleochemicals & Edible oil industries in Asean. Our services are recommended and satisfying today including Oil & Gas industries.

Waste today, resources tomorrow

The lifecycle of unwanted materials does not end in the bin, because energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Let us transform your discarded materials into valuable resources. Our sustainable waste management solutions bring real benefits to our customers, communities, and the environment. Browse through our catalogue of Products and Services and Go Green with us today.
Our Vision

To lead the way in sustainable environmental waste management solutions through shared values and continuous innovation.
Corporate Principles

Our Mission

We place utmost importance on the protection of our environment by maximizing the use of Earth’s limited resources, through our 4R initiatives: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery.

We strive to be the best in industrial waste management and promote sustainable use of recycled resources, through our 4C philosophy: Commitment, Compliance, Continual Improvement and Communication.


Corporate Values


Precious our employees who contribute to the worth of the company, with continually development we are able to realize our full potential and promote team work.


Believe in personal and team commitment, display professionalism, and integrity.


Promote initiative and passion on environmental awareness and product quality.



Encourages innovation and continuous improvement in everything we do and strive for excellence.
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